Dude/Diva Classes

Ages 8-12

Our Combo Classes of ballet/tap and jazz/hip-hop allow dancers to explore different styles while  learning to explore their creativity and gain confidence in performance.

Dance helps give dancers a chance to exercise their bodies and minds.  A great activity for socialization and helps them excel in school as well. 

   We have classes for both the beginner and the student wanting to hone their dance skills.


In Person and Dance at Home Options Available! 

Dude/Diva Classes

Ages 8-12

Musical Theatre

Students will play theater games, learn how to project and enunciate when they speak and act, and learn songs and dances from some of our favorite musicals and movies!  Promotes confidence, discipline, basic vocal technique, improvisation ability, and teaches performers all about life on the stage!

A great addition for students taking drama in school. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need  to wear?

Ballet/Tap Classes

Any Color or Style Leotard and skirt
Any Color Footed/Transition Tights
Hair in a Ponytail or Bun

Full Sole Pink Ballet Shoes
Black Tap Shoes 

Jazz/Hip-Hop Classes

Any Color or Style Leotard

Any Color Footed/Transition Tights
Hair in a Ponytail or Bun

Dance Shorts or Capris

Black Jazz Shoes 

All students are encouraged to have a bag to keep shoes in.  

Please label all items and shoes.

Dance wear can be purchased at the studio.  

How much is tuition?

Tuition is based on a 40 week year and divided into 10 tuition installments. Tuition is based on how many hours a week your dancer takes.  

1 Hour Classes- $55
1 hr 15 Min- $75
2 Hour Class - $100
2 hr 15 min- $115

Can parents watch class?

To eliminate distraction and allow our dancers to fully cooperate in class we don't allow parents to view class on a regular basis. 

Due to COVID Regulations - our waiting room is closed at this time.  

However we want you and your dancer to feel comfortable in class we allow all classes the opportunity to  view the first class of the year.    

We also have parent observation weeks 1-2x a year where parents get to come into the classroom to see what your dancer has learned.

Parents  are welcome to wait in our waiting area during class time.  

How many are in my students  dance class?

We have always prided ourselves in small class sizes.  Due to COVID regulations- we are limited to 10 dancers in our Meadows Dance room & 6 dancers in our Sunshine Room for in person classes

We offer a virtual option for students either not ready for in person classes or if our in person classes are full- you can join us online.  


Ages 8-12

Students are divided by experience, maturity and behavior.  A combo class that combines the form, grace, flexibility and poise of ballet and the rhythm and timing of tap.  Correct terminology and execution of steps are emphasized for safe progression.

We recommend all new students to Dance-N-Groove start in a level A class. 

Ballet/Tap A-


ages 8-12

Students are divided by experience, maturity and behavior.  A high energy combo class where students learn jazz technique and hip-hop moves.  Movements and music are age appropriate.  Correct terminology and execution of steps is emphasized for safe progression.  We recommend all new students to Dance-N-Groove start in our A class.


Jazz/Hip-Hop A-

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