How  much are classes?

Class tuition is based on how many hours a student/family is taking at Dance-N-Groove in a week.  Tuition covers our 40 week year and is broken down into 10 monthly installments due by the 1st of the month.  First and last month installment is due at student's first class.

Tuition may be paid by check or cash at the studio or by credit card via the parent portal.  We also require everyone to enroll in Auto-Pay.  Beginning Fall 2020, all families enrolled in classes at Dance-N-Groove will be required to have a credit card or bank account on file at Dance-N-Groove.  

Tuition is due regardless the number of classes attended in the month and is not prorated or refundable. 

A $20 late fee will be added for tuition made after the 1st of the month
A $20 returned check fee will be added to all returned checks or declined credit cards. 

45 minute- $50.00
1 hour- $55.00
1 hour 15 min- $75.00

1 hour 30 min- $85.00

2 hours- $100.00
2 1/2 hours- $130.00

3 hours- $150.00
3 1/2 hours- $170.00

4 hours- $200.00

Contact the studio if taking more than 4 hours a week. 

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