Pre-Teen/Teen Classes

ages 11-20

Whether your a serious student or just starting out we can find the perfect class for you to grow and have fun.  Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect class for you.  


Ballet is the basis of all dance. Students in ballet will learn techniques used for all other types of dance. Students looking to grow as dancers and people will find in ballet discipline, self-control and confidence. Grace, poise and balance are rewarding from Ballet classes.


Jazz classes are more free-style based. We seek to include the most current style of movement in our jazz classes; helping students to learn to feel comfortable with movement and music. Appropriate music, skills, style and technique are taught in each age level of jazz.


Tap classes offer an excellent base for rhythm, balance and coordination. Students starting in tap classes are sure to gain success in their dancing! Tap is a great starting point for every young dancer and helps build confidence and teach the importance of technique.


Contemporary Style is base on the use of gravity, natural movements of the body and expression.  It has been made popular recently in pop culture and television.  It is a style accessible to every dancer and a beautiful way to help a child express themselves through dance.  



Open to anyone 7th grade to college.  Join us for a fun and funky class.  This is perfect for the beginner student just wanting to start dance, the intermediate who wants to better their skills or the advanced who wants to learn something new.  Each month we will learn a new style, from hip-hop to modern, ballroom to musical theater.  

Musical Theatre


Students will play theater games, learn how to project and enunciate when they speak and act, and learn songs and dances from some of our favorite musicals and movies!  Promotes confidence, discipline, basic vocal technique, improvisation ability, and teaches performers all about life on the stage!


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